Corry Area Consulting, LLC is a computer and technology consulting firm based out of Corry, Pennsylvania. Our goal is to provide high quality service to the people and businesses of Corry at a reasonable cost.


While many people believe “you get what you pay for,” we believe you should at least be able to afford the service in the first place. We understand that the world has changed, and computers have become more than a luxury item, but have become a necessity. Children need them to conduct research and write papers for school work, adults need them to even apply for a job. Small business need them for everything from ordering inventory to communication with clients! Computers have become a part of our daily lives, but if your computer breaks, it can cost almost as much as the computer itself to even have it looked at!


Our founder has moved back to Corry and wants to improve the accessibility of affordable computer services to the friends and neighbors that make up the Corry community. Paying attention to census data, the per capita income for the city was $15,143. While we would like to grow Corry Area Consulting in the long run, charging $200 an hour for computer services in a town where a person would have to work 27 hours to pay for one hour of your serviceĀ doesn’t make sense. We’re here to do things differently.


It all begins with a conversation. Once you tell us what kind of work you’re looking to have done and what things are most important to you, we can provide an estimate for a one-off job, or begin writing up a Service Level Agreement for a longer term engagement. Even if you aren’t entirely sure what you want, we’ll be happy to help figure out your needs with you and develop a game plan. Use the contact us page to get started!

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