I provide services from simple computer tune up jobs for individuals, to professional grade server and network infrastructure planning and deployment for businesses, and nearly everything in between.

When it comes to looking at your computers for repair, I’m always honest and up front about whether or not it’s worth the investment to have me work on it, or if your money would be better spent replacing the computer.

Services I offer

  • PC Tune up, clean up, performance improvements.
  • Malware removal and clean up.
  • Data Recovery (professional grade techniques and tools that can lead to partial or even complete recovery of lost important documents, family photos, etc… even from failed storage media).
  • Recommendations for new computers, initial set up of newly purchased computers.
  • Data transfer from old to new computers.
  • Troubleshoot home networks and Wi-Fi.
  • Corporate Firewall, network security appliance configuration and deployment.
  • Network planning.
  • New workstation deployment (even multiple workstations for large scale deployments in your business).
  • Windows Server configuration and deployment.
  • Bypass Windows Passwords (for forensic, professional, or personal reasons).
  • Penetration Testing (Cybersecurity Auditing).

Things I definitely don’t do

(but I can help put you in touch with someone who does!)

  • Replace broken screens on laptops, phones, tablets.
  • Printer / copier repairs.
  • Electronics repair (soldering, etc…).
  • Wiring / cabling.
  • Coding / app development.


This list is not set in stone and is not all encompassing. Contact me to find out if I can help you, no matter what your technological needs are! I won’t waste your time and money by taking on something I can’t handle, I can admit my own limitations. Still, my skill sets have been developed over many years of experience and a personal passion and drive to always learn more about computers and technology. It’s my job, my hobby, my passion, and my life. I have no doubt in my mind that I will be able to help you, even if it’s by putting you in touch with someone who can server your needs better.

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