About Us

We are Corry Area Consulting, LLC. When I say “us” and “we,” I currently mean me!

Hi, I’m Garrett E. Culver. Corry native, who has probably seen it before and knows how to fix it! For a complete list of things I do and more importantly things I don’t do, click here.

What qualifies me to do those things? Well, it was a passion of mine ever since I was kid. I have independently contracted for government entities, conducted countless personal and private consultations, and worked for one of the most successful technology consulting firms in New York state, a Rochester Top 100 company. I have returned to my home town and involved myself in multiple community driven organizations in an attempt to help bring positive change and modernization to the city of Corry. Putting more than 15 years of actual real world experience to work offering technology consulting services to the people of Corry is undoubtedly one way I want to help grow my community!Garrett, circa 1987

Even though I am the sole owner of Corry Area Consulting, LLC, I often refer to “us” as a “group” because I have the contacts to find the answers you need, and the resources at my disposal to help you as needed. For large scale projects, I have a stable of experienced and trusted individuals available to be sub-contracted in order to complete the task at hand as quickly and efficiently as possible for your benefit. No task is too large for us to consider.

I currently work a full time job for a local business in Spartansburg, and will be trying to grow this consulting business gradually. I live the technology industry day in and day out. Instead of music, I listen to technology and cybersecurity podcasts; instead of going out, most of my weekends are spent pouring over white papers and technical manuals, and keeping up with the latest technology out there; even when I was on a recent vacation, I took time in my hotel to participate in an online seminar. It’s not just a job to me, it’s a genuine thrill to know that the work I’ve done has made a difference for someone, day in and day out.

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