Personal Rate

One of the biggest goals I had when starting Corry Area Consulting was to help the regular hard working folks of Corry, Pennsylvania and the surrounding area. Mom, Dad, son, or daughter get a virus? Computer not behaving how it used to? Need to recover photos from Grandma’s old hard drive? I would love to help you out!

Our rates are a highly affordable $50 for diagnosis and includes first hour of troubleshooting, then $40/hr until your issue is resolved. I will never spend more than 2 hours on a single issue without coming back to you and discussing whether or not you agree it’s worth the time investment, or if you would be better off replacing instead of repairing. I want to help you make the best decision for your needs, not for my bottom line.


Business Rate

$80/hr for a service call. Less expensive than many other professional service rates in the area, whether you’re hiring a plumber, an electrician, an accountant, and far less than competing technology firms in the Corry area.


Block Hours

What are block hours? Deeply discounted rates are available for buying blocks of 10 hours in advance. Hours will be tracked and used up in 15 minute increments and a statement of used and remaining hours can be emailed to you whenever you wish. Block hours also include a Service Level Agreement, where you and I will sit down and discuss your needs and expectations, to make sure I can realistically meet the goals you are setting for our long term engagement.

Buy 10 hours for $700 ($70/hr)
Buy 20 hours for $1,300 ($65/hr)
Buy 30 hours for $1,800 ($60/hr)
Buy 40 hours for $2,200. ($55/hr)


ALL prices are subject to PA state sales tax (6%).

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