Personal Rate

One of the biggest goals I had when starting Corry Area Consulting was to help the regular hard working folks of Corry, Pennsylvania and the surrounding area. If you think the high school kid who knows a lot about computers can fix your computer and save you a few bucks then by all means, please, put some spending money in that kid’s pocket! I’m being 100% honest, please do! That’s how I started out, too! 🙂

But if he’s stumped, I’m happy to help! Mom, Dad, son, or daughter get a virus? Computer not behaving how it used to? Need to recover photos from Grandma’s old hard drive? I would love to help you out.

My rate is a highly affordable $35* an hour for individuals – the diagnosis and the first hour of labor are included in this price. I will always provide my best estimate in advance, and I will never spend more than 2 hours on a single issue without coming back to you and discussing whether or not you agree it’s worth the time investment, or if you would be better off replacing instead of repairing. I want to help you make the best decision for your needs, not for my bottom line.


Business Rate

$50*/hr for a service call. Less expensive than many other professional service rates in the area, (think about hiring a plumber, an electrician, or an accountant), and far less than competing technology firms in the entire tri-state area.


*ALL prices are subject to PA state sales tax (6% = $37.10 for personal and $53 for business).

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